Why do you need End Work Day & Start Work Day?

Ivann Choong Metaphysics New Year Series – Why do you need End Work Day & Start Work Day?

Want to have a new start in the new year?

Leave the past and bad things in the previous year.

The new year will start from a new beginning and it will be more smooth.

It will be the best if you could choose a day to start work, because you don’t want to start your first working day on an unlucky days, as it may affect your luck for the year.

Employees may need to take leave or time off on weekdays, and if you are in management, then you should take the employees out for a meal to show appreciate for a year of hard work.


The Lunar New Year for 2019 (Earth Pig Year) is on 4th February in the Ten Thousand Year Calendar, so most people can pack up by 3rd February.  Thumbs up!

Start work day would vary from individual, and you should choose a day to match for your destiny chart.

The positive energy generated using heaven, people and earth realms can ensure the success of the new year and great prosperity.

Items required on the first day of work.

1.  You need to go work in a happy mood.

2.  Put on your most favourable wear.

3.  Pack a red envelope with a 5 dollar note and bring two mandarin orange, then put it on your desk or work location.

Put the two orange are just right on top of the red envelope.

This completes the ceremony. It’s easy.

Some people who can’t start the work on an auspicious day because of some restriction, then they should just end work and start work as usual.

At least the new year is the continuation of previous year.