Four Pillar of Destiny (Bazi) 四柱八字

The Four Pillar of Destiny (Bazi), is the date and time of the person’s birth. From the almanac (Huang calendar or perpetual calendar), the four stems and branches of the year, month, day, and hour of the Ganzhi calendar can be found, which together are eight characters. The year stem and year branch are composed of the year pillar, the month stem and month branch to form the month pillar, the day stem(also known as Day Master) and day branch form the day pillar, and the hour stem and hour branch form the hour pillar; the total of four pillar, four stems and four branches totals eight characters. It is called Four Pillar Bazi.

The Four Pillar Bazi Geomancy can be use to read and predict people’s business, marriage, wealth, education, health, and other issues based on the ganzhi calendar and yin and yang.

Four-Pillar forecasting is the crystallization of China’s smart wisdom. It is a valuable experience that has been repeated over many thousands of years of ups and downs, times changes, and countless forecasters. A lot of practice in ancient and modern times has proved that the prediction of the four pillars not only has unique and forward-looking prediction functions, but also has extremely profound scientific theories and extremely valuable use values. It has been passed down with its strong vitality and scientific nature. Scholars value it. Therefore, the four-pillar forecasting science is science, not “feudal superstition”, dialectical materialism, and not “idealism.” Some people say that their fate is in their own hands. In essence, this statement is correct, but it must be premised on predicting the fate of its own. If you do not know your own fate, but you have control of your own destiny, it is just an empty talk and self-deception. The essence of our prediction is based on the principle of yin and yang changes, the restraint of the five elements, and the fate prediction based on people’s birth time. It is a discipline that teaches people to avoid the worst.

Four-Pillar life-reading method is also called astrology because it was evolved from ancient astrology. The ancients believed that heaven and earth were corresponding. The distribution of geographical Kyushu corresponds to the horoscope, and the mortal beings correspond to the horoscopes. metal, wood, water, fire, and earth that make up the world also have Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn in the sky. The sun represents yang and the moon represents yin. This way, the yin and yang theory of five elements is combined with astrology. The fate of people is controlled by the astrology’s five elements. Different people have different astrology and five elements, so the fate is different. The four pillars of life are composed of the heavenly stems, the yin and yang elements, the four-seasons and four-direction, the zodiac, the astral gods and other parts and their relationships.





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