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Do you understand about yourself?

Working for decade and still don’t know what is your passion?

Want to know why you are doing so well on something you have no interest in?

Want to know what kind of obstacles you face in every relationship, be it romance or office.

Understand and know what is your Internal and learn how to control it!

Know which External you can use and which you can’t.

All these information are already recorded since you are born to this world and the information is also constantly around you.

You have missed it in the past but don't miss it this time!

What you will learn from Unleash with Yijing?

ICM’s Heaven, People and Earth Chapters

Yijing Chinese Metaphysics System;

1. People Luck – Yijing Divination Learn and understand about the luck around you eg your mobile number, carplate number, unit number and etc.

Find out how they are link to your people luck and destiny.

2. Heaven Luck – Yijing Bazi Learn and understand about your natal 4 pillar destiny chart.

Find out what your internal is required to be at full potential, find out about your fate.

3. Earth Luck – Yijing Fengshui Learn and understand about your environment and what kind of energy is surround you.

Find out whats happening from your Heaven, Earth and People Chart.

Unleash yourself to a New Self and New World NOW

With Master Ivann Choong!

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Unleash with Yijing Registration

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4. Any cancellation will result in forfeiting of the course fee.

5. Absentees for any day during the course duration, is considered as No-show. No make-up or repeat of the course is allowed.

6. Participants must attain at least 80% attendance of the course duration.

7. Entry to the class is through producing Participant Name Tag. Participant is to wear his / her name tag at all times during the class. Failure to comply will be asked to leave the class.

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